The Difference

The Dance Difference is dedicated to shaping a POWERFULLY DIFFERENT dance studio culture. We aim to do this through honest conversation, local events, and resources for teachers, parents, and students.
If you’ve ever felt like dance could be about more than the next rehearsal, the weekend competitions, the rhinestoned bra top, the studio drama, the never-feeling-good-enough, the missing-my-mortgage-to-pay-my-dance-bill, the family burden of being at the studio ALL the time, the get-what’s-mine and you-do-you and I-ME-MY instilled in students…
…then you’ve come to the right place. We want to help you BE a difference and MAKE a difference in this crazy sub-culture that is the dance studio.
-A different conversation… one that asks hard questions of the current dance studio culture and seeks real answers.
-A different support system… one that encourages healthy decision-making for students, education for parents, and solid resources for teachers.
-A different perspective… one that gazes toward excellence, works hard to achieve it, and intentionally turns its face outward, using that excellence in the arts to make a DIFFERENCE in communities.
We welcome you, friends, to join us.  Join us in making a difference, at The Dance Difference.


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